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There are a lot of factors that go in to the making of good wine. As a rule, we simplify the whole process by putting them in categories of red wine and white wine. But this classification is not quite fair to the wine itself. The factors that go in to making wine are the type of grapes, where the vineyard is situated, how ripe are the grapes etc.


Ordering wine in a restaurant can be a daunting experience for someone not too familiar with wines in general. Wines come in so many flavors and nuances that it can get confusing. Your choice of wine would ideally be dependent on your taste buds and what you like. A really expensive wine might be a connoisseur's delight but to the not–so-regular drinker it might be perfectly horrible.

One of the best ways to order wine in a restaurant is to stick with the brand you are familiar with. But if you feel that the wine needs to be something different then ask the waiter or the maitre d'. The staff is trained to be able to distinguish between the regular house wine and the other specialties that the restaurant may stock. But then again the waiters may not be aware of the wine on their list. In which case, the decision of selecting a wine for your meal now lies with you. So how would you go about selecting the right wine?

Start by checking if the waiter does have any knowledge. Once ascertained that he does not, tell him to come back a little later. Confer with your table mates if they have any recommendations. There are two basic wines as we know them - red and white so start by asking which one your friends like. Generally if it's white wine then Chardonnay is the common choice because the Chardonnay White is considered the best among white wines. The best among the red is the Cabernet Sauvignon Red wine. You really can't go wrong with these two choices.

The rule of thumb is that white wine goes with white meats and red wine goes with red meats. So if your meal has chicken or fish then go for the white. On the other hand if your meal is pork or beef roast then a nice red like the Pinot Noir would complement your meal very nicely. It's a good idea to order by the bottle as this may turn out cheaper than by the glass. Check with the restaurant if there are any discounts if you order two or more bottles. There may be some scheme to tempt patrons into ordering wine

Irrespective of the budget, always find out about the price of the wine per glass and bottle so you will be better prepared the next time you visit the restaurant for a meal. If you are not concerned with a budget then the higher priced Dom Perignon is an excellent choice of wine. There are also some sparkling wines like the Domaine Chandon or the Iron Horse available at reasonable prices.

Remember white wine tastes best when chilled and the older the wine the better it is. In dry white wines there are wines like the French Macon or the Pinot Blanc that go well with appetizers. So take a look at what is on offer and make an informed decision.


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